These resources have been provided to help you find more authoritative resources for your own research.

National Center for Health Statistics – – CDC works to protect the health and safety of the American citizens from both foreign and U.S. diseases. Whether the diseases have started at home or abroad, CDC fights against the disease and support the community. CDC conducts thorough research to provide health information for the country against any harmful threats.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – – NASA was created by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1958 to begin its research in flight technology. For over 40 years, NASA has reaches new heights to try and answer unsolved questions about life outside of Earth. Today, NASA conducts research in Aeronautics, human exploration and operations, science, and the space technology.

Health Policy and Technology – – HPT is the official web publication that focuses on the past, present and future of health along with the role of technology in health environments. The online journal provides important news and information in accessible articles to support health professionals, policy-makers, providers and those interested in health and technology.

National Science Foundation – – The National Science Foundation is an independent agency that promotes the progression of science to national health and safety of the nation. NSF is the only federal agency with a mission to support fields of fundamental engineering and science. Their task is to keep up with the leading edge of science discovering in areas from geology to zoology.

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